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As an eye doctor, you know how often eyelid crusting, redness, and debris affects your patients. Now, thanks to BlephEx® you can actually treat these patients right in your office.

Before BlephEx®, your only options have been different drops, artificial tears or recommending home lid scrubbing. Now, you can take charge of chronic eyelid crusting, redness, and debris to take better care of your patients who depend on you for the latest in eye care treatment.

Studies have shown that up to 35% of all patients have some type of eyelid crusting, redness, and debris symptoms and would benefit from BlephEx®. That number increases to over 70% in patients over 65 and over 80% in contact lens patients. You will find a vast number of patients in your practice who will be looking to you for relief of their constant eye irritation. After the pathology of eyelid crusting, redness, and debris are explained to the patient; you will find a nearly 95% patient acceptance of this procedure and its associated fee.

Not only can you take better care of your patients, but in the process, you can also take better care of your bottom line. BlephEx® is a new private pay treatment not covered by insurance, but very economical for patients. Thanks to BlephEx®, patients will save hundreds of dollars on prescription drops and artificial tears while you add additional revenues to your practice income.

After treatment, patients experience a near immediate resolution of their symptoms. For the first time, you can help your patients finally be free of the chronic irritation and eye rubbing that they have suffered with for many years.

LidHygenix FoamTo inquire about implementing BlephEx® into your practice, call 1-800-257-9787 and find out how to receive your free eyelid model, which is an integral part of the patient education process.



LidHygenix foam is our recommended lid cleanser to use with the BlephEx system. LidHygenix was developed by David A. Palay MD, a practicing board-certified corneal specialist in Atlanta Georgia.