Blephadex Warming Eyelid Wipes


Your solution for gentle and effective eyelid cleansing. These specially formulated wipes are designed to remove debris, scurf, and bacterial biofilm, promoting better eyelid health and relieving dry eye symptoms.


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Blephadex Warming Eyelid Wipes

Each wipe is infused with a unique warming technology that provides a soothing experience during use. The gentle warmth aids in loosening debris and biofilm, effectively improving the condition of your eyelid margins. Experience the refreshing sensation as you cleanse your eyelids with Blephadex Warming Eyelid Wipes.

Discover the Benefits of Blephadex Warming Eyelid Wipes:

  1. Enhanced Eye Comfort: These warming wipes help alleviate dry eye symptoms by promoting better tear film stability and lubrication on the ocular surface.

  2. Gentle and Effective: Formulated with care, these wipes are safe for daily use and suitable for all skin types.

  3. Convenient Packaging: Each box contains 30 individually wrapped wipes, ensuring portability and freshness wherever you go.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Gently remove an individually wrapped wipe from the box.
  2. Close your eyes and gently wipe your eyelid margins using the warming wipe.
  3. Dispose of the used wipe after use.

Embrace the comfort and relief provided by Blephadex Warming Eyelid Wipes. Witness the difference they make in your eye care routine and bid farewell to discomfort caused by debris and dry eye symptoms. Please note that these wipes are designed for cosmetic use and are not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. For professional diagnosis or treatment, consult your eye care specialist.

Additional Product Details:

Blephadex Warming Eyelid Wipes feature advanced warming technology for a comforting experience. Their compatibility with various skin types and daily use ensures convenience and effectiveness. Keep your eyelids clean and refreshed with Blephadex – your path to improved eyelid health and enhanced eye comfort.

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