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Improving patients' quality of life!

I have been offering the Blephex procedure at my practice since April, and it has proven highly effective in treating dry eye and other eye conditions. One patient who had tried multiple treatments without success experienced a significant improvement in her vision after undergoing Blephex. Another patient, who was initially reluctant to undergo meibomian gland probing, finally agreed to try Blephex and experienced relief from constant burning in her eyes for the first time in five years. These testimonials highlight the success and effectiveness of the Blephex procedure in providing relief and improving patients' quality of life.

Brett Levinson, MD

Comfortable, easy to perform and highly effective.

BlephEx treatment has been a marvelous addition to our armamentarium for the management of blepharitis, meibomian gland disease and other forms of ocular surface anomalies. The procedure is comfortable, easy to perform and highly effective. Our experiences with BlephEx treatment have been quite impressive in the management of both clinical findings and subjective symptoms when used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment approach

- S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO

BlephEx has changed the way we treat seborrhea type blepharitis.

Bleph-Ex is a great tool to remove scales and debris found in moderate to severe blepharitis. It is an important part of our dry eye protocol. Our patients find the procedure easily to tolerate and report a significant improvement in the eyes following the procedure. Bleph-Ex has changed the way we treat seborrhea type blepharitis.

Trevor Miranda, OD

A painless procedure that feels like a good massage.

The BlephEx treatment has made the treatment and management of Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Disfunction in my office much more effective for my patients. I use the BlephEx to remove excessive scurf in eyelashes and to open meibomian glands which are capped or not easily expressed. Starting with this deep initial cleaning makes in-home treatments much more effective. Even patients who don't realize that they have an issue have noticed improvement in the way their eyes feel after just one treatment followed by lid hygiene at home. The BlephEx procedure is easy to perform and usually very comfortable for the patients. Some say it feels like a good massage, some say it tickles little, no one reports pain. BlephEx can also provide a new revenue stream and set you apart as a specialist in treatment of dry, red or irritated eyes. I have enjoyed introducing Blephex to my patients and do not regret making an investment in this new procedure.

Eileen Linder, O.D.

Elevated our dry eye level of care to new heights.

Patient experience: As an Eye Care Professional I did not know exactly what was causing my dry eyes. I did not have visable blepharitis and my glands did not look clogged, so when I had the BlephEx treatment and my eyelids expressed, I did not expect any big improvements, but my TBUT went from 4 seconds to 12 seconds in a 2 week period." Practice experience: Our office has had tremendous success combining the Oculus K5N, Eye Eco dry eye masks, and the BlephEx treatment. We feel the combination of treatments has elevated our dry eye level of care to new heights.

Kevin Whaley, LDO

Highly Recommended!

I have used Blephex on several of my patients since acquiring it after AAO in situations with moderate dry eye and/or blepharitis. It has substantially benefited my patients, with effects persisting for over 4 months. It has opened up the tear glands and reduced corneal staining and symptoms. It is easy to perform, and there is no pain. It has been a great addition to my "bag of tricks" for these frustrating situations. I highly recommend it.

Bala Ambati, MD


My experience with Blephex to date has been fantastic.

Dr Jim Kokkinakis, OD

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