LashCam IR


Get an up-close look at the bacterial biofilm and debris that may be causing inflammation and dry eye symptoms on your eyelid margins. Introducing LashCam®, a revolutionary WiFi camera that allows you to instantly view high-resolution, 80X magnification images of your eyelids. Discover the benefits of LashCam® and how it can enhance your understanding of the need for the BlephEx® treatment.


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LashCam® for Personal and Educational Use

LashCam® is a one-of-a-kind WiFi camera designed for personal cosmetic use or educational purposes. It enables you to see what your doctor sees through the slit lamp in the exam room. By providing a clear view of your eyelid margins, LashCam® helps you visualize the scurf, debris, and bacterial biofilm that contribute to eyelid inflammation and dry eye symptoms.

Discover the Benefits of LashCam®

  • Visualize Hidden Concerns: LashCam® brings the hidden world of your eyelid margins to life, allowing you to witness firsthand the buildup of biofilm and debris. This visual experience helps you understand the necessity of the BlephEx® treatment for improving eyelid health.
  • Enhanced Patient Education: LashCam® plays a crucial role in the education process, empowering you to actively participate in your treatment journey. By seeing the specific issues affecting your eyelids, you can make informed decisions about your eye care.
  • Improved Patient Acceptance: By witnessing the visible evidence of biofilm and debris on your eyelid margins, LashCam® helps build trust and acceptance of the microblepharoexfoliation (MBE) procedure. Understanding the need for the treatment increases your willingness to invest in out-of-pocket procedures.

Usage Instructions for LashCam®

Using LashCam® is simple and user-friendly. Here's how it works:

Ask your doctor about the availability of LashCam® during your examination. Your doctor will position LashCam® to capture high-resolution images of your eyelid margins. Hold your iOS or Android device provided by the doctor and observe the live images transmitted through the LashCam® WiFi connection.

See for yourself the presence of scurf, debris, and bacterial biofilm on your eyelid margins. Remember, LashCam® is designed for personal cosmetic use or educational purposes only and is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.

Additional Product Details

LashCam features advanced WiFi technology and a high-magnification lens to deliver detailed images of your eyelid margins. Its compatibility with iOS and Android devices ensures convenience and accessibility. Please note that LashCam® is not a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment.

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